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Italian                                                     $5.25          $7.25

Cheese                                                   $5.25          $7.00

Ham                                                       $5.25          $7.25

Tuna                                                       $5.50          $7.75

Turkey                                                   $5.75          $7.95

Roast Beef                                             $5.75          $7.95

Cappocolla                                           $5.25          $7.25

Genoa                                                    $5.25          $7.25

Zep                                                         $4.25          $6.00


Proscuitto and Genoa Hoagie            $6.00          $8.50

Sharp provolone shaving, lettuce, tomato, onion


Sicilian Hoagie                                     $5.50          $8.00

Imported ham, turkey breast, roast beef, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions


Veggie Hoagie                                                         $7.00

Lettuce, tomatoes, onion topped with sauteed sweet peppers, mushrooms, spinach and melted provolone


For an additional 60¢ any of our HOAGIES may be served as a Grinder; smothered in mozzarella cheese and baked in the oven


Hot or sweet peppers, pickles are optional at $.50 each, extra cheese for $.60.


Sink your teeth into a tender steak

Both our regular and chicken steaks feature half a pound of tender, delicious steak with a range of toppings and accompaniments to create a juicy, mouth-filling flavor experience. Choose between classic and unique flavors to find your favorite.

Since 1985 we have been crafting authentic Italian specialties and traditional pizzas from the highest quality ingredients. Stop by and see how we built our reputation.

Tuck in for a cozy night at home and still dig into your favorites with fast delivery.



Plain Steak                                                           $7.50


Cheese Steak                                                       $7.95


Pizza Steak                                                           $8.50


Cheese Steak Hoagie                                          $8.50


Garlic Bread Cheese Steak                                 $8.50


Pepperoni Cheese Steak                                     $8.50


Bacon and Cheddar Steak                                  $8.50


Cheese Steak Royal                                            $8.50 


Cheese Steak Supreme                                       $8.50

Provolone, American, mozzarella


BBQ Cheese Steak                                              $8.50

Lettuce, Tomato, BBQ Sauce, Fried Onions


Little Sicily Supreme                                           $9.00

Tender Steak, Sweet Peppers, Three Different Cheeses, Mushrooms, Fried Onions and Sauce

Chicken Steaks

Take a bite out of a true classic with a rich, juicy cheese steak


Chicken Steak                                                      $7.25


Chicken Cheese Steak                                        $7.50


Chicken Cheese Steak Hoagie                           $7.95


Chicken Cheese Steak Spinach                         $7.95

Sauteed Spinach with Fresh Garlic & Sharp Provolone Cheese


Chicken Cacciatore Steak                                  $7.95

Sauteed Chicken Steak with Fried Onions, Mushrooms, Sweet Peppers, Provolone Cheese and a Dash of Garlic


California Chicken Cheese Steak                      $8.50

Sauteed Chicken Steak with Fried Onions, Imported Ham, Spinach, Provolone Cheese and a Dash of Fresh Garlic


Buffalo Chicken Cheese Steak                          $7.95

Chicken steak with Buffalo Sauce (hot - spicy) with melted Provolone.  (Side of Blue Cheese - $0.50)


Chicken Steak Caesar                                         $7.50

Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, Caesar dressing with Romano cheese


Pepperjack Chicken Steak                                  $7.95

Mushrooms, roasted peppers, pepperjack cheese with ranch dressing


Try something a bit different with a chicken steak smothered in robust sauces


Experience Italian classics combined with steak for a tasty twist



Leave your party to the experts

A pizza party is a fun way to celebrate just about anything. We are the pizza party specialists, ensuring your guests have an amazing time at your location or in our banquet space.


Take the hassle out of catering

Are you planning a party for the big game or a meeting with your coworkers? Feel confident one step of your planning is done by calling us to handle your catering.



All hoagies are made with oil, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and oregano.

Kaiser Roll

12" Roll

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